Monday, November 12, 2012

FaLL sLash Winter Drugstore Lip Products


Finally you guys, I end up making a Beauty blog :D this is my first post, Lately i am falling in love with makeup stuff, specially lips product, anything about lips product its made my mouth want to scream out loud and i have to have it.. #fiuh.. i know it is really bad addictions atleast after my addiction with HelloKitty and now with lips products.. but i love it and enjoy it, this is a new thing for me.. although it's always made my wallet screaming out loud when i always want to buy a new lips products #gigles.. oke i think i have to stop babbling now..

Now i wanna share about fall/ winter drugstore lip product, that i always wear from the month October until now. I get inspired when I see eleventhgorgeous channel on youtube, they're really amazing guys.. you should check out their channel, specially if you really love drugstore product.. #thumbsup

I have 3 lips products, *Lipbalm From Maybeline BabyLips (Us Version),*Revlon Lipbutter, *Lipstick From Maybeline ColorSensational

Lets take a Look.. #gigles 
From My Honest Opinion I really- really Love the packaging, I think I'm falling in love with lips products because their packaging.. Lol, but the formula and consistency is really amazing too, both of this three products also can moisturize your lips and their can give you a nice berry reddish colour at the same time, and the maybeline Baby lips one have a scents of hmm Lovely smell :D

From Left To Right : Lipbalm Maybeline Baby Lips #Grape Vine, Revlon Lipbutter #085 Sugar Plum, Maybeline Color Sensational #435 Plum Perfect
So if you really into fall/ winter makeup I think this three products can help you to make your lips pop up a little bit, :D.. I'm not good how to descripe something, am i?? #mybad.. well if you really want make a bold berry reddish color into your lips you can use the Colorsensational from Maybeline, seriously guys this lipstick is really really great for their pigmentations #thumbsup, then if you do not want to wear bold lips but at the same time you still want you to have a berry lip color you can wear a Revlon Lipbutter and if you want your lip more moisturize and just have a little shine Berry color on your lips, you can still wear Lipbalm from Maybeline babylips, its all just depends on you guys.. ^^

Here is the swatches For youu :)

From Left To Right: BabyLips #grape vine, Revlon Lipbutter #Sugar Plum , Maybeline Color Sensational # Plum Perfect 

ouh btw, for the price i think the Maybeline color sensational and Revlon lipbutter is affordable :D but for the maybeline babylips its quite pricey because its USA version so we must order online n you know guys the shipping is really expensive :D but you can get the Indonesia Version in our Local store, and once again it's all depends on you ^^

and last before i leave, i really wanna Thank you for special people who always support me to start My own Blog, this special people is My Boyfriend (Danny Lekz) and Loresadannete a.k.a bylorsss, without them maybe i'm still shy to start my own blog.. hehe ^^ 

and i really have to stop Babbling in here right.. well Have a nicee Monday guys ^^