Monday, October 14, 2013

My First Swap with Katherin Laksmana a.k.a Kathy ^o^

Hiii guyss!! I’m so sorry for being ‘missing’ for a while, i was a little busy with my internship lately.. but dont you worry, i’m planning on making another post about my collective haul recently and more reviews.. hihihi.. maybe it will come up around next week *lolz*

Sooo.. today! I wanna share a big HAPPY moment that happen in my life with all of you, *Happy* if you follow me on instagram or already read my recent posts, i bet you already know then that i was doing a beauty swap with my sweet friend on blog here ^o^ a couple months ago *i believed* i asked her if we can do a swap, and she said yes, so finally we decided to do so, *it would be makeup themes or beauty themes* owh if you don't know or don't familiar about *swap*, swap means that two people getting others products or goodies and finally send each other packages ^^

Over 1 and a half month, both of us planned to buy each other products, sometimes we spoiled each other products *believe me, i always made spoilers to Kathy* *lolz* (it was really fun tho) hehe..

So i sent my packages to her on Monday sept 23th, hihihi.. and i received her packages on Saturday sept 28th, we agreed to send our packages on 25th sept, but back then my packages already done fiirst so i sent my packages earlier for her ^o^

and here we gooo.. this is the BIG HAPPY MOMENT that happened in my life, guys. On Saturday night when i came home and open my packages from her.. OMG OMG!! #gyaaaa #cry #Happy #idontevenknowhowtoshowmyfeeling 

Here’s the first pict that i took after i opened the lovely packages!! #inshockmoment #happymoment

I'm totally freak out when i unbox this goodies #idontknowhowdescribemyfeeling.. 

Cant you guys see?!? its full of goodies #omg and yepp i'll do make a little note too for her hihihi *twinss*

Ups i forgot to put My adorable Hand Mirror by TonyMolly a.k.a Friendship Mirror from Kathy

"Seriousllyyy Serioussllyyy???!! Holyy FREAKING LORD!! Thank You So Muccchhhhh Kath!! Im still in shock and speechless condition.. Im really really happy!! I'm speechless i dont even have a clue how to show my gratitude,, I'm soo HAPPY!! soo soo HAPPY!! i never forget this moment n our friendship and our first swap!"

(Yep, basicly, thats my quote when i posted this photo on my instagram @squidjelly) and yhepp.. i did send her another little goodies :3 because i dont know guys i just want make a little revenge on her *in a good way, of course* and i want to fulfill a little thing from Kathy wishlist.. hehe.. :3 because she did fulfill almost all my wishlist :3 *i’m hwappy* ( you can see what i got her on her instagram cherries_katherin )

Okayy, i think i have to stop babling now.. hahhaa.. *i’m Hwappy* here’s another photo.. i will divided into Face Products, Lip Products, Body Products and Eye Products *so you guys can see with clear pict* :3 :3

*Faces Products 

From left to Right :
- Pore Cover Mousse Starter By Holika Holika
- Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream By Holika Holika *I've been eyeing this bb cream for so long* #thankyousomuchkathy 
- Dear Girls Be Clear BB cream By EtudeHouse *it is really funny experience tho, because i got her this bb cream too.. Lolz.. yep! in indonesia languages we called it *Kompak* or *Sehati* Xd~
- Face it Radiance dual concealer By The Faceshop *Omg Kathh :3 i just can say Thankk Youu so Much once againn* 

*Eyes Products 

From Left to Right :
- Rose Flowering eyes pallete By Etude House *I didnt have a clue how to describe my feeling*
- Too Faced Glamour to Go *I'm death.. I'm so thankfull*
- Dream Bouncy Blush By Maybelline *hehehe.. Bouncy.. Bouncyy*

*I feels like if you just got me 2 this products it will be enough for me* #dyingoverload #reallyreallyhappy, I'll def make a seperate review soon about the eyeshadow pallete soon #pinkypromise *

Lips Products

From Left To Right:
- The saemul Aqua Tint *Kathy got me one of her favs liptint and i believed it is her first liptint that she had, and Tadaaa~ its became my all time favs liptint :3*
- Rosy tint lips by Etude House *once again i'm dying you guys and still cant believe that she got me 2 liptint from their Etude House new line *its from fall collection, #ThankyousomuchKath!! 
- Color Pop etude lipstick *its beautifull orange, i forgot what shade it is #will update about the information soon..*
- once again i forgot whats the name of this lipstick but its from Nature Republic, and OMG!! this is the most beautifull lipstick that i ever had in MY LIFE, I'll show u on a sec *lets take a deep deep breath*

It is Sooo Beautifull!! isnt?!? 

- hihihi wet n wild lipstick its really beautifull red lipstick, you know guys, i never having a BIG courage to wear a red lipstick.. Lolz.. but like Kathy says  "i should try red lipstick" - well.. i will Kathh, dont u worry *gigles :3

Lipbalm :

* I believed! one night i asked her, if she knew that Dear girls lip balm from etude had a wonderfull smell, its smells like lemon juice, and she said that she didnt know yet, andd yheepp.. she got me this lip balm that i was talking about back then,, *i really doesnt have a clue how to describe my feeling, guys* #i am so thankfull.. really thankfull.. 

Beauty Tools and Body Product

From Left to Right :
- Two Kabuki Brush.. hihihi I'm so happy ^^ the pink one is really really really really softttt!!
- Kathy Got me Parfume by elianto *its smell so good, brings back many memories*
- Real Techniques expert face brush by Samantha Chapman * i wanna cry, guys.. really Thank you so Much Kath.. *RT is one of my wishlist, and Kathy fullfill my wishlist 0.0*

and thats it for today posts.. once again I'm so thankfull, and i am really happy to know her, i am so blessed that i meet her from this blog worlds, she is really sweet person, loveable too, i feel like i have a sister :3 she made a video too on Youtube channel, you can check her channel in Here , and you can check what i got her in Here too, she make a video and soon will update in her blog too ^o^, you can check her blog in here she also make really a great tutorial too guys and great review, if you like it please subscribe her channel too ^o^v  
and yhaapp.. Thank you for coming by and read my blog ^o^ i really hope you guys having a great day and i'll see you on my next posts ^o^v 

pai pai everybodys ^o^

xoxo Tata~

"a little disclaimer, i'm not trying to brag or anything, its pure because i want to share a Big Happy moment that happen in my life with you guys.."