Thursday, July 25, 2013

From Clay Arts Agnes with Etude House Eye Collagen Patch Review

      Haaallluuuuuuwwwww folks ^o^ I’m back with another  review,  hehehe.. I’m so sory I’m still busy with my college life and have to deal with other stuff too.. I hope u all doing pretty well and fine ^^

Well, lets just jump into it okaiii #whoops #whooppss..  
a couple months ago I received a little packet from my sponsorship Clay Arts Agnes also she became my really good friend :D, she have a online store too, maybe most of you already know. you can check her web in ‘My sponsorship’ pict thingy right there, just click the picture and whoaallaaa you directly jump into her web store :D  she is really kind, also selling many Korean product :D with affordable range price.. ^^

Well back then she asked me if I ever tried eye patch product? I said not yet, but its sounds cool :D so she sent me 2 eye collagen patch from Etude House, *kyaaa really awesome right?? :D and here’s my review for this cute product ^^

like always Etude House themes packaging does, its pretty and pinky and girly and i have to stop babling :3

Closer Look 

here's back description, most of etude product always in korean language but also have an inggris language too, which is good ^o^

so its says the formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around eyes and include collagen 1%, vitamin A and E also have green tea extracts. my thoughts it can heal your dark circle area around your eyes which is sound awesome.. :3

here's the inside eye patch, its a little bit too much liquid and becarefull guys when you open the plastic container, because the liquid could spill out anywhere. Just becarefull :)

Closer Look *see its very liquid and wet at the same time*

it feels like the eye patch is going to break/ rip off, because its really really thin, and guys dont forget to remove the clear film from the patches :D 

for all conclusion

+ pretty packaging with affordable price
+ its give the cool effect when you use it 
+ it does make my undereye area smooth and relax after i used it :)

- really really thin and wet
- maybe because its really thin and wet, for me it is really difficult when i try to remove the clear film from the patches.. n.n

but beside all the pro and cons, im still wanna to try it more, because i like the fact my undereye become smooth and relax.. hehehe.. 
well special thanks to my lovely sponsor Clay Arts Agnes, thank you so much Nes, and i'm so sory its become really late review :3 

PS: this is all came honest from my thought.. i'm so sory if there are still have plenty mistaken.. this is my second review about products.. >w< i'm still learning.. hehehe.. 

Have a wonderfull day guys~ Paii paiii~

xoxo Tata~