Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Etude House Dear My Jelly Lipstalk Review *Sweet Recipe Line*

Lolz.. well I’m back now.. #whoops whoppss.. so sorry you guys, I'm very busy lately, I have to deal with some things on campus .. wish me luck guys ^o^ a while longer I have to make thesis and had to do an internship.. err about that.. #feeling beat up already.. lolz.. *kidding tho..
Well I really hope you guys doing pretty well :D.. hmm soo I think I have to stop babbling now..

Hihihi.. I'm so excited to do this review .. :D guess what??  ^o^ well, couples month ago if I'm not mistaken Etude House came out with their new line, they called *sweet recipe*, first! when I saw this new line, I'm literally freak out :0 this new line is freaking adorable you guys, I bet you guys already knew it.. xd~

Everything from this new line is freaking cute, adorable, pretty, everything just like cake, chocolates, cupcakes, just freaking sweet..:D and beautiful like a princess. #gyaa~ There are 8 colors of lipsticks ( Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lipstalk) *jelly beans ekekek, there are 3 colors of tinted lipbalm *I believe* (Sweet Recipe Candy Cane) *looks like candy cane :D, There are 3 colors of makeup base, and There are 2 smudges eyeliner ( Sweet Recipe Chocolate smudges liner) *I had one in shade #2, and many sweet products like Nailpolish, Poweder pact etc.. but in this post I wanna share and make a little review about Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly lipstalk, this lipstick has made ​​me curious about this product since it first came out, so I give it a try.. first time I bought in shade JPK003 and I fell in love literally you guys, and err in the end I bought 3 other shade which J0R202, J0R201, JPK001.. please dun judge me.. >w<  this new line has stolen my heart..

So here’s the picture.. 

and here's mine :d 

 #Look at their packaging.. sooooo pretttyyyyyy and cuteeee... *gyaaa >w< jelly beans themes.. Lolz..

#outside and inside etude packaging always looks pretty cutee adorablee.. oh gosh.. >w< * I heart em.. 

Jelly Beans Icon for their code ^o^ kawaiii~

and here's the clearly look :D

#JOR202 = it will turns kinda pinkish coral colour and its suppose tinted lipstick..


#JOR201 = it will turn out kinda orange colour 

#JPK001 = look at the light baby pink >w< one of my all time favs colour.. sooo pretty >w< and this baby light pink will turns out into kinda light fucshia pink colours, and its suppose tinted lipstick too.. xd


 #JPK003 = for me on my lips this will turns out bright pinkish with undertone kinda blueeish, i really love mix this lipstick with Revlon Lipbutter in shade Strawberry shortcake xd~

well and last here's the swatches..
From Left to Right JPK001, JPK003, JOR201, JOR202

and last here is my overall thought :
i will give 5/5 :
Plus about this lipstick : packaging is really pretty :), i'm really happy about their colour pay off its not too sheer and you can control the colours, they really moisturizing and give a glossy finish ( i love glossy finish better than matte finish) *so if you really love glossy finish, this lipstick perfect for you xd~*

minus about this lipstick : for my opinion.. nothin :D

hehehe.. this is all came honest from my thought.. i'm so sory if there are still have plenty mistaken.. this is my first review about products.. >w< i'm still learning.. hehehe.. 

pai paii everyonee~ 

xoxo Tata a.k.a Squidjelly