Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nude Tude *eyeshadow pallete* By TheBalm (Review + Swatches)

             Hii guyss!! i cant believe its already November and Chirstmas is near :D *happy* I'm always happy when i hear Christmas is coming :3 well, I really hope you guys having a great day. ^^v Today i wanna share about Nude Tude *eyeshadow pallete* by TheBalm (the famous eyeshadow pallete).. This is my first thebalm product tho, *i'm so exicited* :3

             I bought this eyeshadow pallete from my all time favorite online shopping recently Bunny Beaute Cosmetica it's costs me around Rp.350.000,- .. and basicly Bunny Beaute Cosmetica is Indonesia online shopping, they can help us to buy International makeup/ skincare/ tools products like at drugstore.com, sephora.com, ulta.com, emcosmetics.com, korean product, their also have a ready stock products section as well :3, I have to mention that they have a really great and nice customer service, the owner is really nice too and i am really statifying about their packaging when their shipping our products, really good and safely with bubbles wrap, i did take a first picture when my packages arrived, so you guys can see how well their taking good care the packages ^^

came with a tonnss bubbles wrapppsss.. * I really love bubbles wrap* #pletakpletok :D if you know what i mean :D

Well lets get start it ^o^
             First of all look at the packaging, TheBalm packaging always different from many other brand, their always have a "unique" side.. I'm always adore TheBalm packaging :3. Nude Tude pallete is quite cheaper than Urban Decay pallete. the packaging it self comes in sturdy cardboard or silky paperboard it has a magnet system with huge mirror inside of it *which is good*. maybe some of you doesnt like it about the packaging that comes in sturdy cardboard or silky paperboard because it can be a cons for this pallete especially when you are going to compare with Naked 1/2 packaging, or maybe some of you might think this pallete can't be a "travel friendly"..  but for me, i really dont mind.. lolz.. well,, a cute packaging with classic design on it *i barely cant resist it* :3

             This pallete consist 12 eyeshadows, most of them is shimmer shadows and there's 4 of them is matte shadows, I really love this pallete because its more a neutral side but you can build it up to make a smokey side too.. I really Love neutral eyeshadow, neutral eyemakeup. this pallete have a pinky eyeshadow *which is make me very happy* :3 I love pink! anything about pink Lolz.. :3 
The consistency about this eyeshadows is really good, they have the best pigmented color payoff, it easy to blend and really soft *for me its worth the hypes* owh yhaa btw this pallete comes with two side brush :D you can use it as a eyebrows brush or eyeliner brush :D but i havent use it *well.. its too cutee, so i rather use my other brush ^^ Lols*  for the cons from this eyeshadow pallete, i dont have any cons for this baby :)

Its sooo PRETTY!! ^^

and Here's the swatches :3 ^o^

Sooo thats it for today :) whats you guys think? tell me in the comment if any of you loves this pallete too :3 
and Thank you so much for Bunny Beaute Cosmetica :) 

well pai paii everybody ^o^ see you in my next post :)

xoxo Tata ^^