Sunday, May 26, 2013

Collective Haul: Tony Moly, Etude House and Maybelline

Halluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ ehmm *ok that’s awkward  >< well then I hope all of you doing pretty fine ^^, so sory i cant post on a regular day, i was busy with my college life >< so much assignment and experiment tasks kinda stuff.. well tonight I wanna post about beauty haul :D. first I wanna say this is a collective haul, I am not buying all this at one time .. hehe owh btw.. Tony Moly counter at Taman Anggrek  was having a 35% off Disc Sale through this month, for their all stuff and you can apply a membership with no minimum purchase :D *that’s why I kinda spend a little bit my money to their stuff ><  hey! a pretty good deal, I cant resists that.. hohoho..

Lets see what I bought.. 

<< From Left To Right :
<< Maybelline Baby Lips in shade Coral Crush *Limited Edition*
<< Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer from Dear Girls line
<< Maybelline Clear Smooth powder pact in shade #Natural
<< Tony Moly Crystal Blush in Shade #06 Pink Light
<< Tony Moly Crystal Stick Eyeshadow in Shade Peach
<< Tony Moly Crystal Mono Eyeshadow in Shade #14 Cappuccino 

I bought this Maybelline Baby Lips Usa version, Shade: Coral Crush From Keyzee Cosme Online Store @Facebook ^o^. I believe this is their limited edition.. 

I bought this Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer From Mirielle Beaute Online Store @Facebook
its costs me Rp 75rb 

I bought this at local mall near my home.. its cost me Rp 37rb.. 
Tadaaaaa.. Discount stuff.. :D I bought this at Tony Moly counter Taman Anggrek.. its original price about Rp 89rb and got 35% disc ^o^

Another Discount stuff.. hehehe.. the Crystall stick eyeshadow original price is Rp 59rb and crystal mono eyeshadow also have a same original pricee.. anddddd both of them got disc 35%off *gigles.. 

anyway.. My 2 best friends already make their own beauty blog too.. i will link both of their blog web in here too.. they are really amazing people.. i am so blessed that i meet them.. hehehe.. if you guys have a little timee, visits their blog yhap.. ^o^v 

a Little Disclaimer : all this beauty stuff i bought with my own money.. ^o^ 

so have a nice day you guys ^o^ and see youu in my next posts ^o^ i'm so sory if i make a mistake, i'm still new and still learning.. hehehe.. 

pai paiiiiiiiii everyonee.. 

xoxo Tata~ 


  1. line dear girls itu packagingnya imut2 yaa.. aduhh.. >.<

    1. team creative na etude kekna udha makin berkembang tuu ce.. hahaha.. ak ad ikd PO juga bln mei, cmn maw nyoba yg dear girls clear bb cream na sama dear girls clear pact.. hahha.. racun smwa line baru na etude >w< lolz..

    2. yg crystall mono sama crystall stick di swatch donk, penasaran haha

    3. hahaha siaaphhss.. nti yhap, ak maw masukin di favs post.. hihihi..

  2. wiiih blog ku di tag si cc hehehe #hugs :D

    dirimu beli blush on tony moly wkt pegi potong rambut ya ta? waktu kita pegi kan km beli eyeliner aja. yg pink light lebih soft ya dari yg aku beli waktu itu ta??

    1. ekekek.. yhap yhapp.. gw beli blush on na belakangan nes, krn yg maybelline terlalu pinkish d muka, gk gt cocok.. hooh yg ini lebi soft, kliatannya si natural d muka.. >w<

  3. ini adalah racun yang membuat saya harus tahan *UANG JAJAN*
    huwawahuwaaa ;^;

    1. kwkwkwkkw.. >w< habiss racun di etude krn packaging na cutee abeess.. wkwkkw pas ikd temen jalan" ke counter tonmol.. their having a pretty great sale.. wkkwkwkw.. >w< *ayuu d tahaan duid jajan nya :d~

  4. aahh esedonyaaa.... *umpetindompet* >.<

    1. whahwhha pd umpetin dompet.. lg have a pwetty good deal lhoo sampe akhr bln ini >w< hihihi~

  5. ditunggu reviewnya :D

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    1. iyhap cee.. :3 in lg mencoba beberapa product na.. hehehe.. siaaphhss :) maachiie bwat info na ce.. xoxo~