Friday, February 28, 2014

Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint Review and Swatch

Hiii Guyss!! ^o^ well like I said from My previous posts that I'll try my best to posts more frequently these days, so here it is my another post.. Tonight I wanna share or do a little review about this new liptint from Aritaum its called (Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint), maybe it isnt new from some of you specially if you live in Korea, but for me it is new.. because it is really hard to find online shopping that sell this liptint (aritaum) specially in their ready stock section, *if you know what i mean* :D

So I've been eyeing this liptint after I saw Sunnydahye previous Haul and Review, because in her review she told that this liptint had a sweet taste and smell really nice too, she also told that this liptint had like a vaselini type of lipstaint.. *I was so curious back then* 

Gladly I found this liptint at Coccinelle Cosmetic and yheepp I got it straight away wkwkwk (Lolz) because I cant resist it everytime I saw new lip products coming out T_T 

Here is the picture~

♡ Top is shade #01 In New York 
♡ Bottom is shade #06 In Seoul 

♡ For me the packaging is more like a cool side rather than cute side but it's still have a unique side *if you know what I mean* 

♡ It have a nice spongy aplicator, and it easy to apply ^^ and I love because their kinda have a stopper part so everytime you take the product out it wont get messy at the wand part. 

Here is the swatch part ^^

♡ The consistency is really good, it is not sticky kinda type, and the smell it true really good, everytime I smell it i remembered about sweet candy, and gladly it didnt have a bitter taste so its find if accidently you licked it *lolz* 
♡ for staying power hmm for my opinion, it's really standart because after I drink or eat, I must re apply it, but it doesnt brother me at all cause I like the scent and I like the taste wkwkkw *ups my bad*
 ♡ If you someone who love glossy liiptint that feels like lipgloss you will love this ^o^ because I love glossy type of liptint better than lipgloss ^o^ 
♡ and if you someone who always in hurry like me >.< and you dont have enough time to do your makeup, you will love this too, because it does moisturizing your lips so it is okay if you forget or dont have a time put lipbalm first  :3 

Second Swatch ^^

♡ I really love the New york better than Seoul wkwk because for me this type of color, I can use daily basis, maybe because I really love wearing natural makeup :p but if i feel like I want have a color pop on my lips I can wear Seoul xixixi~ 
♡ New york more light pinky colour and Seoul for me more like Coral peachy colour ^o^ (sory for bad description) 

So thats it for today review ^o^ I really hope you will get a little information from here, well I have back to do my thesis assignment >.< 

Pai paii Everybody have a nice weekend ahead ^o^ and Happy beginning of March ^o^ 

♡ Tata 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Collective Beauty Haul 2014

Hii guys ^o^ This is become my 1st post of 2014, Happy Belated New Year, Happy Belated Valentine for all of  you :3 

Today I wanna share about My recent collective haul for a good 3 months back :3 some of them I bought at Online shop and a couple of them I bought at Mall when I went to the mall with My Friend ^o^
a little disclameir here before I share what I bought with you guys *I'm not buying all this products at one time. this is pure I collect them all and I'm not trying to brag or anything :3*
Well lets get start it, shall we ^o^

This is what I bought at Online shop :3

  • Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pact 
  • Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in #1 New York & #6 Seoul 
  • Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips (Winter Edition) in #PBE102 

  • Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha in #ACR01
  • Etude House Color Lips Fit in shade #PK003 & #OR201 

And this is what I got when I went to the Mall with My friend ^o^

  • Apple Mint Tea Mask Sheet From Holika Holika 
  • A Mini size or travel size Cottage Body shower in Vanilla 
and I wanna share this one too, I found this cute Bubblessoap at Citraland Mall, when I found it I really curious and happy at the same time Lolz, because I never found soap like this *you will see soon and will understand what I mean*

Here's the picture ^o^ It is too cuteeeeeeeeeee and the smell soooo yumiiiiiieeeee ^o^

Can Youuu guyss seeeee!!! This is really a Soap and have a really yummie scents, all of this are handmade.. if you intersting and want to know more about this cute soap, you can check their website, or you can follow their instagram @bubblesoapindonesia 
I'm not sponsored by them, I just wanna share about this cute little things *Lolz* I bought all of this when I found out their stand at Citraland Mall ^^ hehehe ^^

well thats it for today  ^o^ I will try my best to posts more frequently because I literaly have a full review lists on my head :3
I really hope you all doing pretty well ^^ 

A special thanks too :
Pai paii everyoneeeeeee ^^