Saturday, December 8, 2012

Collectives Monthly Loves From October 'till November

Heiii Hoooooo..
Finally you guys, I could update this blog since my first post, lolz.. I'm sorry lately I deal with many tasks and midterms.. but its okay ^^ midterms are gone and about the task, I'll do it next week okay .. #gigles
so.. how’re you guys doing??
So today I want to share about some of the products that I use mostly for a the past two months .. lets called it My collectives monthly Loves  from October until November.. Lolz
Here we goo.. #nomnom ^o^

Face Products ^o^

From Left to Right : Olay Moisturizing Cream, Dream On loose powder From Etude, Lioele  Cheek Beam Blusher, Maybelline Dream matte powder

for the moisturize, i've been using Moisturizing cream  from Olay, because it's doesnt contain any brightning or whitening kinda thingy, its just for moisture your face, and thats really oke for me, because my skin is really really sensitive, if i use the product that contain heavy ingredients it can easily break me out >.< so i prefer use the product with a natural ingredients ^^ and you can get it @your local store, or Lotte Mart ^^
if you guys have any recomendations about natural moisturizing cream, please tell me.. i would love to try out :D
for powder, i really really love loosse powder from Etude House, i believe from their line "DreaM On", then this loose powder is really hugeee, i've been using it almost 2 years and guess what this powder not finished until now :0 
and for powder pact that i always carry on with me, just for a little touch up if i went out 'till night, i falling in love with this baby, Maybeline dream matte powder, i believe some of you guys already hear more about this powder pact, if i'm not mistaken many Beauty gurus from youtube love this powder, sadly they do not sell it here, so we must order onlinee.. >.<
and for the cheek, lately i've been using cream blush from Lioele, but for your information i didn't wear blush on or cream blush everyday or for my daily basic, i wear blush on just if i have to attend some event like wedding event.. lolz..
for my daily basic i just wear moisturizer cream and Loose powder and Lipbalm or Lipbutter or liptint.. :D 

Lip Products ^o^

From Left To Right : Eos stick balm, Revlon Lipbutter, Tony Moly berry berry magic tint,  Softlips

This is My favs part :D i believe some of you guys already know that i am really loves about lip products xD
soo here it is My super duper mega favs lip product and i've been using it everydaaayyyy.. #yay
I do not use it all at one time because I like to change during the day, oh btw you guys, you should try out the Berry berry magic tint :D
if you're someone like me, who sometimes lazy to re apply lipbalm or lipstick or lipgloss, you should try this liptint from Tonymoly, my friend tried it when we went to the TonyMoly counter and you guys know what?! this is liptint stays all night :0
i'll review this liptint soon, and maybee i wanna make some giveaway include this liptint for you guys, i just wanna share a little thing about my favs lip products :D just stay tune oke?? Lolz

Hair Products ^o^

Me someone who really picky about hair products kinda thing, because i Love my hair and i dont really like if my hair gets greasy during the day and i want my hair looks shiny, natural n thick so i give more credit to this etude product, Silky scarf Hologram Hair serum and i falling in love with this hair serum, for the price i think is affordable, its cost me around 7$, actually My dad bought this for me when we went to the mall and as always i stop by to etude house store :D so Thank you so Much dad ^o^
i would love review this hair serum too if you guys want'em, so Let me know what you guys think yah?

and Last for My Monthly loves products is.. ehmm fyi its just random thingy :D

I Freaking Love with this Hello Kitty Comb.. i bought it from online store, it costs me around 10$ exclude shipping and i Love it.. :D this become My favs comb for the rest of My life.. cross my word.. @_@

Sooo.. I think thats all for today :D Happy weekend for you guys, let me know what your monthly loves? i'd love to read it ^^ 
Pai paii ^o^