Thursday, March 27, 2014

Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion #Magic Mint Review

♡ Hi Pretty Lady~ ♡ :D Back again with another share and review :p I bet most of you already know about this spring Etude came out with Pretty Pastel base makeup againn, when 1st time I saw it I am like *darrnnnn it whaaat have you done Etudee, why you always came out with new pretty makeup??* well.. I was so curious back then, because I really need base makeup to cover up My redness, I dont really have a bad or serious acne problem but I do have some redness specially in My cheeks area :( I dont know why redness thingy always love my cheeks #hmm.. 

Before I knew Etude came out with Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion, I was searching review about Etude Sweet Baby Choux in color #Mint, because base makeup in Mint color can cover up your redness problem *hihi* BUT Tadaaaa~ when I know finally I told my self to choose Magic Any Cushion because their came out with 3 pretty pastel shade (which is Magic Pink for people who had a paler skin, Magic Mint for cover up redness, and last Magic Peach for brightening effect). Basicly It's have the same concept like Baby choux, but in Cushion formulaa, which is good for me because I've tried Any cushion from etude before and I LOVE IT ♡ 

Okaiii here's the photo of Magic Any Cushion #Magic Mint 

  I order the refill one because I already have two Etude Any cushion case from XoXo Minnie line

  ♡ Pretty Pastel Mint with Pinky Spongy

  for Me the Magic Any Cushion feels more moist than the original any cushion

♡ well here is my bare face, can you guys see? red spot always like my cheek :(

  ♡ After put on the Magic Cushion #Mint It doesnt cover all my redness, but feels like its better than my bare face tho >o<

 ♡ Here's the result the redness on my cheeks is cover up pretty well, in this photo I used Any Cushion bb on top Magic Cushion, it turns out pretty well tho, and it really hold the makeup quite pretty long, It didnt cakey too

 ♡ Plus Side :
  - Come with cute pastel design 
  - Travel Friendly 
  - Hold makeup pretty well 
  - Can cover red spot 
  - It doesnt make your makeup turns out cakey

♡ Minus Side :
 - Quite expensive just for base makeup ( I mean if you buy include their original case )
 - I think if you someone really have problem with acne scar or really bad red spot I doubt it can cover it that well

♡ owh yhaa I wanna make a special thanks to Etude Recipe to help me get this product and I have to wait just for one week ekekeke ( a little Disclaimer, I'm not sponsored by them hehehe :D ).
Well thats it for tonight review guys. I really Hope it can help you for getting information about this product ^o^ and see you soon with My review about Em Cosmetic hihihi ^o^
 ♡ Good Night
♡ Tata



  1. klo refillnya brp an dear? ^^
    km imut skalii hehehe

    1. hmm wkt it ak kena 145rb exclude ongkir say :D hehehe..
      aw.. makachii hun, you too xD~

  2. Penasaran sm produk ini, thanks for the review ♥

    1. hihihi.. iyhaa vii.. muga" bs ngebantu ngasi info dikid yaahh ^o^

      makachii udha mampirr :3

  3. Kayaknya lebih enakan pake yang cushionnya ya drpd yg base choux mintnya yang tube hahaha
    Teksturnya lebih enak diblend yang cushion kayaknya :D

    Nice review Tata ^_^

    1. wkwkwk.. hmm ak smpd baca review mu, yg base choux it agak lebi thick kan yah? klu ini lebi cair si kata ku, n lebi cair jg dr yg any cushion bb itu.. travel friendly jg, sponge nya it lho luchuu, warna pink.. wkwkkw..

      aw makachiii naa ^o^ mugaa bs bantu dikid xD~

  4. wanginya sm ky any cushion biasa taa?

    1. hmm ampir mirip rin, cmn yg magic ini lebi light gt wangi nya, gk terlalu nyengat, klu yg any cushion lebi ketara wangi nya.. wkwkwk~

  5. wah ngenetralinnya bagus bangeettt.. gue juga pengen nih yg cushion tapi yang berry, soalnya pernah coba sampelannya yang itu doang, dan jatuh hatii!!! XD
    Great review, Ta!

    1. hihihihi iyhaa.. cmn agak gak yakin klu bs bagus jg cover bad acne, eh etude ad yg berry nya ya??

      aw Thank youu yhaaa udha mampir jg ^o^ will visit ur blog too hun!

  6. aku baru beli yang peach nya, semoga cocok di aku ya ta >.< btw nice review ta :*

    btw ikutan GA ku yuukk ta, kali ajah menang hehehe

    1. whiii.. iyhaa cee.. mugaa cocokk yhaaa, teksturnya lebi cair n moist kan? *apa cmn ak aja yg ngerasa gt?*

      aw Thankkss cee.. hehehe :*

      whii.. iyhaaaaaa will join soon.. :)