Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{Review} Pillow Plush #bubblegum By .em michelle phan

♥ Hi Ladies, I cant believe it's already April :0 #sofast.. well back to the topic, today I wanna share about this cushiony lipbalm by .em michelle phan, hihihi and I bet you guys already know who is she right? hehehe.. so after Her makeup line already launched and a lots Beauty Guru on Youtube raved about it, and also Beauty blogger raved about it too, I'm still back and forward to ordered it or not, well I'm living in asia, it's really difficult to get hands on this makeup line because the tax and shipping costs takes a lots money :( So I've been eyeing this type of lipbalm from Her makeup line. I kinda having a weird addiction with lips product wkwkwk (seriously I dont Know Why), I know, I already had alots tons lip products, but this Pillow Plush already stole My heart XD~

♥ So finally I ordered it from Bunny Beaute Cosmetica hehehe Thank you so Much Mak, Their sell with a good price ^o^
and I picked Bubblegum shade, in the pot it looks like bubblegum pink, but when you applied it, it turns out more sheer pink ^o^

♥ Here's the picture

♥ Sory for the messy box packaging #Lols ♥
 ♥ It contains 5g or 0.176 oz ♥

 ♥ I am totaly in Love with .em Packaging, It is simple, elegant and classic. My favorites is the top part of the cap, its looks like half shape of snow globe [sory for bad description, I really hope you know what I mean] ♥

 ♥ Here is the back ♥

 ♥ Here's the inside ♥

 ♥ Here is the swacthes, like I said it turns out sheer pink ♥

 ♥ Plus Side : 
 - Travel friendly
 - The texture of this lipbalm is very creamy, it does feel like you touch soft cushion :D 
 - It is very moisturising, and it gives your lips healthy glow finish, is like your natural lips but much better ♥
 - It comes with more different variant shades, so you can choose what shade do you love and suit you the most ♥
 - Comes with elegant, simple and classic packaging #lovelove 
 - It is really helps prevent my lips becomes dry everytime I want apply matte lipstick or Lips fit from Etude House ♥ So I never afraid again to try matte lipstick #lols

 ♥ Minus side :
  - A little expensive specially if you live in Asia 
  - Maybe its not hygienist for some people 

 ♥ But for me I really like this cushiony lipbalm hehehe It is really help me alots in my daily routine too ♥
  ♥ I wanna give a 4 out of 5 stars ♥

  ♥ well that's it for today review guys, once again I really hope you can get a little information about this lipbalm.♥
   ♥ See You Guys in My next Posts ^o^ now I have to finish My thesis assignment ♥

  ♥ Tata ♥


  1. OMG! Em cosmetics ♥__♥ So jelly right now!
    I really really want to try their pillow plush but shipping is so expensive to where I live :'(
    The colour is so pretty though and i love how its glittery!
    Great review hun :)


    1. Hi Hun! sory for really late replay x_x, My thesis assignment is drives me crazy..
      Hahaha, yhap their shipping costs is really expensive too, but maybe you can order it when their having great sale :D
      yhap the colour is really pretty, and I think the berry one is also pretty n_n