Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Etude House Dear My Jelly Lipstalk Review *Sweet Recipe Line*

Lolz.. well I’m back now.. #whoops whoppss.. so sorry you guys, I'm very busy lately, I have to deal with some things on campus .. wish me luck guys ^o^ a while longer I have to make thesis and had to do an internship.. err about that.. #feeling beat up already.. lolz.. *kidding tho..
Well I really hope you guys doing pretty well :D.. hmm soo I think I have to stop babbling now..

Hihihi.. I'm so excited to do this review .. :D guess what??  ^o^ well, couples month ago if I'm not mistaken Etude House came out with their new line, they called *sweet recipe*, first! when I saw this new line, I'm literally freak out :0 this new line is freaking adorable you guys, I bet you guys already knew it.. xd~

Everything from this new line is freaking cute, adorable, pretty, everything just like cake, chocolates, cupcakes, just freaking sweet..:D and beautiful like a princess. #gyaa~ There are 8 colors of lipsticks ( Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lipstalk) *jelly beans ekekek, there are 3 colors of tinted lipbalm *I believe* (Sweet Recipe Candy Cane) *looks like candy cane :D, There are 3 colors of makeup base, and There are 2 smudges eyeliner ( Sweet Recipe Chocolate smudges liner) *I had one in shade #2, and many sweet products like Nailpolish, Poweder pact etc.. but in this post I wanna share and make a little review about Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly lipstalk, this lipstick has made ​​me curious about this product since it first came out, so I give it a try.. first time I bought in shade JPK003 and I fell in love literally you guys, and err in the end I bought 3 other shade which J0R202, J0R201, JPK001.. please dun judge me.. >w<  this new line has stolen my heart..

So here’s the picture.. 

and here's mine :d 

 #Look at their packaging.. sooooo pretttyyyyyy and cuteeee... *gyaaa >w< jelly beans themes.. Lolz..

#outside and inside etude packaging always looks pretty cutee adorablee.. oh gosh.. >w< * I heart em.. 

Jelly Beans Icon for their code ^o^ kawaiii~

and here's the clearly look :D

#JOR202 = it will turns kinda pinkish coral colour and its suppose tinted lipstick..


#JOR201 = it will turn out kinda orange colour 

#JPK001 = look at the light baby pink >w< one of my all time favs colour.. sooo pretty >w< and this baby light pink will turns out into kinda light fucshia pink colours, and its suppose tinted lipstick too.. xd


 #JPK003 = for me on my lips this will turns out bright pinkish with undertone kinda blueeish, i really love mix this lipstick with Revlon Lipbutter in shade Strawberry shortcake xd~

well and last here's the swatches..
From Left to Right JPK001, JPK003, JOR201, JOR202

and last here is my overall thought :
i will give 5/5 :
Plus about this lipstick : packaging is really pretty :), i'm really happy about their colour pay off its not too sheer and you can control the colours, they really moisturizing and give a glossy finish ( i love glossy finish better than matte finish) *so if you really love glossy finish, this lipstick perfect for you xd~*

minus about this lipstick : for my opinion.. nothin :D

hehehe.. this is all came honest from my thought.. i'm so sory if there are still have plenty mistaken.. this is my first review about products.. >w< i'm still learning.. hehehe.. 

pai paii everyonee~ 

xoxo Tata a.k.a Squidjelly 


  1. Memang lips holic LOL XD ...
    warna orange nya bagus yah ta XD ..
    hihihi yg pink paling kiri sama pink sebelahnya , klo ak ngk salah liat warnanya mirip yah ? XD

    1. wkwkkw.. >w< cant help it.. huuh nes.. orange na bagus :d
      yhap it selintas mirip.. cmn yg JPK001 it tinted.. klu yg satunya lg ngga.. n warnanya bs lebi terang n lebi fuschia yg JPK001 klu d apply berkali".. ayuuuu dirimuu beliii *wink *racun

      kwkwkwkw Xd~

    2. Visit my blog too XD


      Thank you :D

  2. walah sampe 4 bijik busettt
    yg JPK003 sama JOR201 bagus warnanya

    good luck untuk thesis nya :D

    1. wkwkkw.. >< *maaphh ak lipjunkie.. hahaha.. iyhaapp.. yg dr line ini bagus".. >< racun smwa..

      aw makachiii.. :D

  3. wahhh warna yg JPK001 sih menarik bgt d tubenya, tp klo jd fuchsia gt aku ga gt suka :D


    1. gyaaa.. di coment sama ce rinii >< maachiieee udha maw mampir.. xd~

      huuh ligh baby pink :D.. tp awalnya pas buka, ak kira warna nya gk bakal show off.. ak jg smpd ngira bakalan cmn bkin bibir glossy aja.. hahaha.. ternyata salah.. :D

      ak follow yhaaa.. Xd~

  4. Kamu punya lipstick yang ini pigmented ga?
    AKu kalo pake etude cuma jadinya sheer banget loh. >.<'

    1. klu yg ak punya 4 di atas it, pigmented na kluar kok say.. cm klu di banding yang tinted sm yg ngga, yg tinted pingmen na lebi nyata, klu yg ngga tinted, agak lebi sheer, tp menurut ak colour dr lipstick line ini, bisa kita control.. hehehe.. ehmm kekna kecuali km punya yg JBE101 itu setau it emank ngga ad warna nya, cmn glitter.. *if im not mistaken.. >w<

      muaachii udha mampir say ^o^

  5. semua warnya bagus2 banget :3 pasti bingung klo pilih satu aja xD

    visit my blog ^^

    1. benerr bgd ceee.. >w< hahaha.. udha gt ngga kering di bibir tekstur na.. biasana kebanyakan dr line etude lipstick na bikin bibir ku kering, krn lebi ke matte finish mungkn.. hehehe..

      muaachiiee cee dhaa mampirr ^^ siaaphhss.. ^o^

  6. Banyaknya... bagi satu dong. Haha... "-_-


    1. wkwkkw.. sayang nya 2 lippie na udha d ambil sm mamaku.. hahaha..

      makachii udha mampir.. hihihi.. ^o^