Monday, February 24, 2014

Collective Beauty Haul 2014

Hii guys ^o^ This is become my 1st post of 2014, Happy Belated New Year, Happy Belated Valentine for all of  you :3 

Today I wanna share about My recent collective haul for a good 3 months back :3 some of them I bought at Online shop and a couple of them I bought at Mall when I went to the mall with My Friend ^o^
a little disclameir here before I share what I bought with you guys *I'm not buying all this products at one time. this is pure I collect them all and I'm not trying to brag or anything :3*
Well lets get start it, shall we ^o^

This is what I bought at Online shop :3

  • Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pact 
  • Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in #1 New York & #6 Seoul 
  • Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips (Winter Edition) in #PBE102 

  • Skinfood Nail Vita Alpha in #ACR01
  • Etude House Color Lips Fit in shade #PK003 & #OR201 

And this is what I got when I went to the Mall with My friend ^o^

  • Apple Mint Tea Mask Sheet From Holika Holika 
  • A Mini size or travel size Cottage Body shower in Vanilla 
and I wanna share this one too, I found this cute Bubblessoap at Citraland Mall, when I found it I really curious and happy at the same time Lolz, because I never found soap like this *you will see soon and will understand what I mean*

Here's the picture ^o^ It is too cuteeeeeeeeeee and the smell soooo yumiiiiiieeeee ^o^

Can Youuu guyss seeeee!!! This is really a Soap and have a really yummie scents, all of this are handmade.. if you intersting and want to know more about this cute soap, you can check their website, or you can follow their instagram @bubblesoapindonesia 
I'm not sponsored by them, I just wanna share about this cute little things *Lolz* I bought all of this when I found out their stand at Citraland Mall ^^ hehehe ^^

well thats it for today  ^o^ I will try my best to posts more frequently because I literaly have a full review lists on my head :3
I really hope you all doing pretty well ^^ 

A special thanks too :
Pai paii everyoneeeeeee ^^


  1. aaaa haulnya bikin ngilerrr apalagi etude lips fitnya, review pleaseee :D btw skin food argan oil is superbbb! aku udah pake dan halus banget ke rambut :D

    1. :D iaahhhh, mungkn dlm minggu ini ak review, soalnya masi ak cobaiin, *tekstur nya agak baru bwat ku* wkwkwk :D setujuuuu!! blakangan ini rambut ku agak kusam, pas liad review kekna bagus jd ak cobaa, skr ak penasaran sama essence na.. :D hihihi.. makachii yhaa udhaa mampiirr ^o^

  2. sabunnya bikin ngiler (ehh..) kalo aku punya sabun itu, kayanya bakal jadi pajangan deh hahaha

    following you ^^

    1. wkwkwkkw iaahh kann.. sabunnya unyuu gt, and wanginya beneran mirip cake.. :3 samaaa yun, ak jg gak pake, sampe beli yang batangan gt buat ku cobaiin, kualitas nya bagus.. yang ini cmn buat ku jadiin pajangan pas maw photo" bwat blog wkkwkw.. awwww.. will follow you back as well ^^ makachii yhaa dhaa mampirr ^o^

  3. sabunnyaaaaaaa, haduh udah liat webnya trus jadi pingin koleksi semuanya, tata tanggung jawaaabbb :(

    1. wkwkkwkwkw yay kena racun nyaa.. :3 iaahh kan win, cakep" tp kualitas sabun nya jg oke kok, aku gak mau pake yang model cake" luchu gt, akhrnya ak beli yg batangannya, skalian mau tau sabun nya kek gmn kualitasnya, tp ternyata bentuk sama kualitas sabun nya buagusss pake bangeett :)) and gk bkin kulit kering xixixi~ rencana mau review sabun nya.. :3