Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Liptint Feat Peripera Watertint #3 Orange Juice *wink*

Hehehe~ Hellooowwww Prewtty :D this is gonna be hmm another chit chat (review) about My Major Holy Lovelies Liptint that i've loved recently, for me this liptint is the best :3
me really loves lip product, i can get easily distracted and make my wallet cry if i see a new lip product specially, lip balm, lipbalm tinted, lip butter, and liptint :3

soo a month ago if  im not mistaken, i saw Dreamie Chuppa posted their list of preloved and brand new products in social group at Facebook, i've been wanting to buy Peripera Watertint because i heard so much good feedback about this liptint but well i don't know why i always ended up buy another stuff *LOL*
so when i saw Dreamie Chuppa decided to sell this Peripera Watertint with really good price xd~ i directly contacted them, their online shop had really nice customer service, the owner was really nice too :D

the owner said that this liptint was really good and became her favs liptint too, she said that the color was really pretty and the milky tint one from peripera was also really pretty.. she also already made a review about Peripera liptint *click* Here

sooo after long chit chat with Dreamie Chuppa owner, finally i ordered one and couples of day later my packages arrived safely Hohoho *finally* *hwappy* #whooppss whooppss.. then, i opened the packages and i tried it.. i Loved the packaging, the packaging looked like Benetint from Benefit, the consistency was really like orange reddish syrup but in water form, not in sticky form..
For me the consistency about this liptint is pretty good and do not make your lips really dry after you use it, sometimes most of liptint products it can make your lips really dry after a minute you use it.. *but guys* you still have put a lipbalm before you use it tho.. hehe :)

here is the picture~

Peripera Watertint #3 Orange Juice 

Here's the closer look ( This liptint comes out with a brush aplicator thingy, and that is what i really love, because it is quite simple *i do love everything simple* Lol :3 )

#and here's the swatchesss on my hand~ :D

See.. its really prewtty flush orange :3 

Plus side :
- The packaging looks amazing :3
- The consistency is prewtty good :3
- it doesnt make your lips dry after use it for a while
- makes a flush orange coral looks on my lips even though my lips a little bit pigmented already, but it shows up with prewtty flush red orange coral *if you know what i mean* (such a bad description) 

Minus side:
- because it is korean brand and i dont have peripera counter in my city so for the price is become a little bit pricey.. 

for all conclusion, i'm still a big fans of it.. Lolz.. and i still wanna try and buy other shade of this water tint.. :D 
i'm hwappy ^o^v
i will link all information down here ^v^

I bought this peripera watertint from *click* Dreamie Chuppa its costs around $10 usd or around Rp. 100.000,- exclude shipping costs ^o^v 

For Special thanks To Dreamie Chuppa owner ^o^v 

So Thats it for today i think ^^v tell me what's your favs lip products yhaa guys, i'd love to know hehe~ 

Have a nice day :3
xoxo Tata ~ 


  1. aku ada yg merah tp jarang pake >.<

    1. whoaa.. hehe krn kebanyakn lip product ya cee.. haha.. samaaa.. ini lip product udha kebanyakan jg di laci.. tp liptint yg ini yg paling bnyk ak pake blakangan ini :3

      whuii yg merah bgs ta cee??

  2. pingin nyoba.. tapi wishlist msh bejibun banyak nya ta ><"

    1. ayuuu nyobaaaa.. wkwkkw.. #wink samaa'e wish list ku jg masi banyaakk wkwkkw :3 ssh nih klu punya hobby begini.. wkwkkwkw.. kasian dompet atm.. :3

  3. aduh2 warnanya cakep banget... bru tw ad lip tint wrna orange... biasanya sering liat wrna merah... haha... Jd pengen nyobain juga nih... hehe...
    btw, nice to meet you & follow back ya.. hihi.. keep blogging! :)


    1. hihihi,, iaahh masi, orange na cakep haha.. yhaap biasa na klu gak merah, pink fuschia gt kan?
      whooaa ayuu di cobaa.. *nebar racun.. kwkwk..

      awww nice to meet you too, yhap yhap i'll def follback you :3 hihi..

      thaanks for stopping by yhap ^o^

      xoxo Tata~

  4. Oh really cute the package. The color is like an soft orange. Thanks for your review your blog is really cute, now I´m following you I hope your follow me back!

    Join to my Giveaway for Win an Etude House CC Cream!

    1. yhaapp! i agrree with you sist! most of korean products its has a really cute packaging :3

      aw thaank you so much :33 yhap yhap, i'll def following back ^o^

      thank you so much yhaa for stopping by ^^

      xoxo Tata~

  5. aku paling suka warna orange atau coral, keren nih warnanya ^_~ perlu dicoba :) thanks buat reviewnya ya


    1. whiii.. *tos cee ^o^ ak jg sukaa orangee, coral tp paling sukaa bgd sama peach.. hahaha.. ayuu di cobaa *menebar racun

      aw samaa" cee ^o^

      makachii jg yhaa udhaa mampirr.. ^^v

  6. uwaaaaa pingin liat swatchny di bibirmu >..<

    1. wkwkwk.. maaphh, kamera ku belum bs nangkep swatch yg di bibir.. pengen nembusin oppo find way dl nich, biar bs masukin foto close up hihihi.. will improve the quality 'bout my photo very soon.. *hopefully* :3

      makaachiii dhaa mampir yhaaa ^^v

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